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    print captions

    Are Square 1

      How do I print Titles or Captions from the Metadata?

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Are Square 1,


          You can print information about photos, such as the filename, title, caption, and keywords, on Single Image/Contact Sheet photo layouts. The information is taken from the metadata that you enter in the Library module. The information prints below each photo. See also Viewing and editing metadata


          1. In the Page panel, select Photo Info and then click Custom Settings and choose one of the following:
            Prints the photo caption.
            Custom Text
            Prints the text that you type into the Custom Text box.
            Prints the creation date of the photo.
            Prints information about the camera and lens used to take the photo.
            Prints the shutter speed and f/stop information.
            Prints the name of the photo file.
            Prints different sequential numbers on the photos based on how many photos you’re printing. For example, if you’ve selected nine photos to print, the sequential numbers would be 1/9, 2/9, 3/9, and so forth.
            Prints the photo title.
            Shows the photo information that you specify using the Text Template Editor dialog box.
          2. Click the triangle to the right of Font Size and choose a size (in points) from the pop-up menu.


          For more information check the following link:Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Print module layouts and templates




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            Are Square 1 Level 1

            Thank you Sarika for your help but for the life of me I am so new to LR that I am totally lost.  I have LR 5.7.  Can you help me with how to even get to where you are directing me to go?


            What I am trying to do is to Export a collection of photos to be copied onto a USB stick so I can plug that into a TV and create a scroll of travel photos as a surprise for my wife's 65th birthday.  What I want to do is add a text overlay of the country where we took the photo.


            Thank you again for your help and patience.