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    Unable to import images in LR CC, Mac

    Dennis Hoyne

      First a little history;

      I had LR5 on my PC, I then got a new IMac. I then moved my photos from the PC to an external hard drive (not using Lightroom, probably a mistake) I then installed LR5 on my IMac. All was fine, I reimported some of the photos using LR5 no problem. Last spring I bought LR and PS CC for the 10 bucks a month, but I kept LR5 on the IMac just for safety sake.

      My problem;

      I find I can't import photos from my external hard drive using the LR CC, (I have the latest update) I get an error message that says "Lightroom is unable to import the file". If I open LR5 I CAN import the files, I save the file to a folder, but to use LRCC I must then reimport from the folder it was saved in with LR5.

      It's all doable but with a big hassle.

      Any Ideas?