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    adobe photoshop elements 14 and adobe premier elents 14 bundle for $89.99


      Hi.  I received an email that offered Adobe photoshop elements 14 and adobe premier elements 14 bundle for $89.99.  This offer expires today, Monday.  I click on the bundle button and see these two software for over $1000.   customer service closed at 7pm.  How can I get what is offered in the email ASAP as the offer ends today or how can I send an email to customer support requesting that they honor the sale tomorrow as I was having problems and could not get help buying this bundle.   Am I missing something about what this bundle is?  What is the bundle offered?  My email says that it is 40% off.  $1,139 to $89.99 is much greater then 40% off.   What am I missing?


      I just posted this question.  I am reposting it as I do not understand the mark as a question or otherwise.  I changed it and could not readd it to mark it as a question as there was an expected question.  Please do not get off topic and only address the bundle question.   I do not care how this is marked as long as I get to buy the bundle for $89.99.