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    future of Flash Player

    eduardo12fox Level 1

      Hello guys,
      I have a software development company for PC ( Windows) in Brazil , and have a team of 8 full time programmers Flex 4.6 , I am very concerned about the Adobe news for 2016 , I invested much time, money and today I have many customers using solutions made in FLEX . I can not migrate everything to HTML 5 because customers like the speed and convenience of Flash Player. I would like the Adobe informs me up about the future of Flash Player in the next 10 years.

      Please help-me I believe in Adobe do not leave me.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Hi eduardo12fox,

          Thanks for reaching out to us.  There were a few announcements with yesterday's blog post.  The first, relating to Flash Professional CC being renamed to Animate CC, we believe will help customers understand that this tool is an animation tool, first and foremost.  For users of Flash Pro CC over the last year and a half, it will come as no surprise that they have been embracing an agnostic export approach.  Whether it's SWF, AIR, HTML5, WebGL, etc, they can output to whatever solution works best for the customer.  With this year's introduction of the export API's, anyone can write an export plugin to output to their format of choice and still leverage the tool's excellent animation capabilities.


          For the Flash Runtime team (Flash Player and AIR), there has been no change to our commitment to our end users and developers.  We will be continuing our partnership and ongoing work with Microsoft and Google, and we're very excited to work with Facebook.  This multi company collaboration will continue to allow us to provide the most secure and stable runtime possible.  We have no plans on changing our release approach or our priorities to our customers.  As we have for the last few years, we remain dedicated to security, critical customer issues, compatibility, quality and providing the feature sets that our developers require to be successful.  We have a consistent cadence for releases (monthly scheduled releases, with four of these adding new features) and an active beta program.  None of this changes.


          I hope this helps clarify the situation.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.  As always, I can also be reached at ccampbel@adobe.com.




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            eduardo12fox Level 1

            Thanks for the reply , I really needed those words because we are in very large application development process , and THAT ANSWER We the more courage to move forward. Thank Once Again For an Adobe Excellent tool Built What is Flex, and I thank You for the service in a Opportune time.

            Sorry  my English I´m used Google translator

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              dews Level 2

              That's a huge relief.  I feared a possible lapse into Adobe past for a moment!  Very happy to hear this is just another bump on the road forward rather than the final stretch. 


              Shaking the unfair but devastating "flash rep" by re-branding makes sense, just so long as AIR continues on its blindingly bright path into the future, all is well with the world