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    Ideas for next version of Adobe Draw! please...?


      This is a long one...


      I've been waiting a long time for the ipad pro and apple pencil, and I am just getting to know the Adobe apps. I was very disappointed to not find a pen tool (bezier capability) in adobe draw. I do very complex illustrations with a wacom tablet but drawing curves on the ipad pro with apple pencil is a joy, and looking at the same surface I'm drawing on is bliss - makes me want to throw my wacom tablet in the garbage. My dream was to do my work anywhere, which I can, but not with an Adobe product - I've turned to Autodesk Graphic for my work with bezier curves. It is a great app but Adobe could do better, and now is your chance.


      I love the simplicity of adobe draw and the features of autodesk graphic. Because I spend hours at a time doing an illustration I have come to realize the shortcomings of Graphic that simply do not allow me to work efficiently and this is where Adobe Draw could take over. Using key commands is second nature to me, my left hand always using keystrokes to flip between tools as I draw with my right hand. In graphic, I have to tap all over the place, in various menus to get a tool that I need and it gets frustrating because its not intuitive. I've tried apps like Astropad that allows me to use Illustrator on my ipad - the big problem here is I have no place for my keyboard when the ipad is right in front of me, its very awkward, and as I mentioned I'm all over the key commands.


      Here are my big ideas for the next version of adobe draw. Of course adding the pen tool, but also adding functionality with keys like 'shift', 'option', or 'command' - that I can use with my free hand, like a keyboard, changing tools on the fly temporarily. The next thing would be to add more features (have a good look at Autodesk Graphic) but I want the flexibility to create custom toolboxes. I want to create a custom toolbox where I can drag n drop my fav tools like scissors, Pathfinder - Intersect, the pen tool and the pencil tool; 5 or 6 tools max would do the trick and not impose on screen real estate. This could even be a flyout or floating toolbox, but for me should reside in the bottom left corner (or bottom right for a lefty) where I can tap with my left and draw with my right. A single toggle at top of screen could flip between the default tools and my custom tools. I'm sure others could chime in with ideas on how they like to work.


      This would make working on a mobile device more efficient than actually working on my desktop. The age of shifting the bulk of my workflow to a mobile device is here NOW.

      Adobe, please make my dreams come true (not asking much )


      thanks for listening