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    After effects crashing on multiple systems since updating to

    Mike VT



      Since the update we are having crashes intermittently throughout the day seemingly at random. There are no error messages coming up so no further information is available and it is not correlating with any specific set of actions so that it can't be recreated. This is happening on 3 different computers all running their own accounts that have been updated through the CC launcher app.


      An additional error that has been introduced is that when ctrl+z is used to undo a change the prieview window does not update and the only way to do this is to purge the memory and cache


      Please can we get some help to resolve this as quickly as possible as this is a major issue, we have projects that need to be completed and this is hampering progress.


      Thank you

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you need to work without issue immediately, you can install CC 2014 alongside CC 2015. AE CC 2014 can open files created in AE CC 2015 with no problems. How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015

          Use that to meet imminent deadlines.


          The undo issue is a bug that affects certain systems and is very well known on these forums! If you would like to join the beta test for 13.6.1 which fixes that issue, you can request access to the prerelease testing program here:https://www.adobeprerelease.com/ Choose the "Private programs" tab and click Apply to apply for the "After Effects CC 2015 (13.6.1) patch update" program.


          As to the crashes (when/if you have time to mess with CC 2015),

          1. Turn on logging (Help -> Enable Logging) (requires an app restart)

          2. Work until it crashes.

          3. Make a copy of the log file (you can find it at Help -> Reveal Logging File). This should ensure the last things in the log are hopefully the things you did just before the problem occurred.

          4. You can post the saved log here (via PasteBin or Dropbox or similar), but it would be most useful if you sent it to the actual Adobe After Effects team via a bug report Feature Request/Bug Report Form with a DETAILED report of the steps you took to get there and a link to this forum thread.


          In both cases (bug report and this thread), it wouldn't hurt to give a detailed description of the machine(s) where you are experiencing the issue. Exact version of OS, what hardware you've got in it, plugins installed, etc. And it wouldn't hurt to pull your system's crash log and share it too: Working with your Operating System’s Tools