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    CC2015/Mac: CXSEvent does not have a constructor – Warning from newly installed CEP extension on MACOSX

    Andreas Jansson Level 2

      CXSSEvent does not have a constructor.PNG

      Some MacOSX users get this error:

      "An attached script generated the following error:

      CSXSEvent does not have a constructor

      Do you want to disable this event handler"

      ...when running our CEP Extension ( HTML5 / JS / JSX ).


      The user who reports it is running CC 2015.2. The message is showing for almost everything she does in the user interface, but most actions (perhaps all) are working despite the annoying message.


      For the first user (it might have been CC 2014 then) with this problem, the error was suddenly gone. He had not checked the "Don't show again" checkbox.

      It seems this error is only on Mac. Users running Windows, including myself don't have the issue.


      (There is also an initial "I/O error" for the user, when starting the application, but that might not have anything to do with the CSXSEvent.)