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    Can't open book on Kobo (not authorized to ID message) and can't get files out of ADE (returned, deleted but they are still there and marked as new everytime I open it - but can't open as it says they are returned)

    katek62016955 Level 1

      This all started after I removed some items from my bookshelf. The library has them all marked as returned. But everytime I open ADE they pop back in there again. I have even deleted the download files from the computer harddrive and they still keep popping back in there.  There are multiple copies now as I downloaded the books again from the library.  It appears that when I transfer them to the Kobo and then Kobo tries to fulfill them - it seems to stop at 6% and the book shows up on Kobo but with a blank thumbnail.  Kobo says document is not authorized.  If I try to open the files that keep popping up in ADE - it says Error - unable to download - E_LIC_ALREADY-RETURNED.  I have deleted all the original files from the library from Kobo and computer. I have uninstalled and re-installed ADE - and the files even showed up in there after I did this.  I have deauthorized and reauthorized both my computer and Kobo with my Adobe ID.  I don't know what else to do, but I can't download and read any books from my library anymore