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    Can't Login to desktop Creative Cloud

    HiccupFilms Level 1

      Two weeks ago I installed Creative Cloud and Premiere for the first time. Everything worked great.
      But I ended up doing something stupid to my computer and I had to revert it back to a previous update. (Windows 10)
      This was before I installed Adobe, so I figured no big, I would just reinstall it. This is where I started having problems. First the launcher for the installer wouldn't work, so I used the "Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool". Yay that worked. It installed and I opened the program. Now I just get the loading screen loop. I don't even get an option to login.


      Looking online I attempted to fix the problem:
      -I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, both times using the Cleaner Tool.
      -Then I tried resetting my internet settings like one post said,

      -And then I removed the opm.db file from the OOBE folder.


      Still nothing! I can't quit the program, it's grayed out. the only way to close it is to use the windows task manager. Please help. I'm extremely frustrated at this point!