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    Why are bounding boxes handled different between Acrobat Pro XI and Acrobat DC?




      First of all my apologies if this has been asked elsewhere but so far I have failed to find the solution.


      I have both Acrobat Pro XI and Acrobat DC, each on two different PCs using Windows 8. Why does the Edit Text & Images function interpret the same PDF document differently when displaying the bounding boxes. In Pro XI it produces 7 bounding boxes around 7 decent sized text-only paragraphs. In DC the bounding boxes are reduced to just 3 each effectively covering larger chunks of the text in the document. The ability to quickly select 3 of the 7 bounding boxes so as to delete them entirely from my PDF appears not to be possible in DC, where instead I appear to have to select great swathes of text instead and delete accordingly.

      I can't see where in preferences perhaps you can change the 'sensitivity' or 'threshold' to dividing up a PDF into smaller sized (but more numerous) bounding boxes. Is it possible to do make DC behave like Pro XI?


      Any help would be much appreciated.