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    cursor control of cropping frame unstable, jumps to image zoom and out of crop mode


      A problem that just started after a support contact related to subscription difficulties and then LR thinking that another LR catalog was open.  Cursor control of crop frame is unstable.  When attempting to drag a corner, the crop window disappears and the cursor is creating a zoom effect.  Holding the mouse button down causes the zoom to shoot in and out. Makes cropping all but impossible. Zooming and zoom window control in the X Y function of Library is similarly affected. I have used LR since LR3 and have 20+K images in my catalogs so I do know how the functions should work. I am using Windows 8.1 and have been for a year or so. The problem seems to be getting worse by the day. My last support contact took over my screen and installed LR updates that I had been staying away from since things were working OK. I am now running 2015.3 Release, Camera Raw 9.3.  Deal almost exclusively with Nikon NEF files, though I was converting them all to DNG until the last tech support suggested things would run faster (better ?) if I just stayed in NEF.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am not terribly computer savvy, so  system changes like rolling back to an earlier version are not easy for me.  Tom