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    5x4 images cropped in 10x8 book layout


      Hi all.


      I believe I have just searched for this and nothing was found, but please do excuse me if this has been discussed before.


      I am running Lightroom 5 on the Mac. In the Book module, I selected Standard Landscape, which is 10x8. My images, from a Nikon D800, are recorded in 5x4 format, so exactly the same aspect ratio as 10x8.


      The problem I am having is that, no matter the page template, even when the photo fills the page, it gets cropped. It is always cropped, either at the sides, or at the top and bottom. The pages themselves look square to me, when they should be almost square.


      This is proving slightly problematic as I am trying to design my first book for self-publishing, and having the photos cropped when they should not be is niggling me. If anyone has any ideas I'd be most grateful! I'd really rather keep my book designing in Lightroom as it keeps things integrated and I find it quite intuitive.