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    all photos flagged


      Migrated from Aperature to Lightroom 6.

      All seem to go well. But, it seems that all the photos are marked as Flagged.

      Is that supposed to happen?

      What the easiest way to correct that.




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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          Select all the photos in Library.

          Click the flag on one image, and they will all become unflagged.

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            I'm in a similar scenario. Just imported my Apple Aperture library with the Lightroom plug-inn. In Aperture I used flags to identify the pictures worth working on. I have a lot of pictures that still need work, but I could easily identify them with flags. After the import however, 44000 of my 46000 pictures are flagged. Any idea what could have gone wrong?


            I haven't done any work in Lightroom, so I could easily reimport the aperture library. The import however is a 2 day job. I don't want to spend 2 days to get the same (wrong) result...