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    Looks like i found a BUG from Indesign!

    ravenworld@yeah.net Level 1

      Four colors according to key object distribution, spacing of 3mm, the following three cases shown that BUG:


      1.Red block as the key object:


      after: QQ图片20160123204326.png


      2.Red block as the key object (But the red block is aligned to the left of the page):

      before: QQ图片20160123203421.png

      after: QQ图片20160123203424.png


      3.Yellow block as the key object (But the Yellow block is aligned to the right of the page):

      before: QQ图片20160123203404.png

      after: QQ图片20160123203409.png


      In cases1 and cases2 the distribution of the results are correct, but in the case3 there is a problem!

      From CS6 to CC2015 all have the same problem! Someone can explain this problem?