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    Keyword search - missing features


      I just started using LR and was shocked by the limited keyword search functionality.


      1. I can not search for synonyms - it is obviously a feature which many users demanding for over 5(!) years.
      2. I can not search for a exact mach. If you got a complex keyword hierarchy you become crazy if you look for e.g. "tree", because you get so many matches. Even if you search for "tree " (with space) you get the same useless results - that is really annoying.


      As far as I have seen Adobe does not take these wishes of their customers seriously - unfortunately.

      I would not complain about these issues if they would exist for a year or so, but it is incredible that these wishes are ignored for many years, even though it would be so easy to add this functionality - easier than to add face recognition (which no one really needs) - sorry, but those things make me really angry

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          robgendreau Level 3

          'Tis true. Some aspects of Lr's text searching are obstinately backwards for anyone used to say GREP searching.


          One can get at what you want with some creative manipulation of the keywords, and with the "contains all" (so like joshua tree gets just those, and not all trees; but it also gets Joshua).


          But there are better ones. One is John Ellis' Any Filter plugin. I especially love the ability to search by explicit keyword (and save searches too). But it should do what you want. And get his Any Tag plugin as well; it is so fast that I use it to filter as well as add keywords. An added bonus is that it floats, so you can use it in the Map module (another glaring oversight of Lr is that you can't keyword there). Oh, and it commit locations and add descriptive notes. Frankly, I'd rather leave it to Misters Ellis, Beardsworth and Friedl to proved these tools than Adobe, but do try them.


          Any Filter Lightroom Plugin

          Any Tag Lightroom Plugin

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            Vertix Level 1

            Thank you robgendreau for your helpful tips. I just testing "Any Tag", it works pretty nice. I am using the UltraTag+Pro V4.0 keyword catalog at the moment

            which I expand with some own keywords - so your recommended plugins are a good start to make my life a little easier

            Nevertheless I would like to see these powerful search capabilities Integrated into LR. 

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              robgendreau Level 3

              Yeah, I use Photo Mechanic so I know what you mean.


              I tend to use the keyword panel a lot to search with it's own search field. Or searching in metadata for filtering; I like to be able to see the hierarchies as opposed to the results of a text search using "aggregate text." A search for "tree" in those methods doesn't get a lot of results, but once I bore down I like to switch to more of a browsing mode to find stuff.


              And BTW, you can use "!" to designate "NOT," so a search for "tree !redwood" would exclude all redwood trees. Or "+" to designate the first word, or "starts with." It does make it a bit easier IMHO to search with the pull down "contains" etc menus. So eg a search like this:


              Keywords CONTAINS ALL "redwood, van !Duzen"


              is conjunctive and gets me REDWOOD and VAN, meaning all my photos of my van near redwood trees or in redwood parks, but not my van or redwoods near the Van Duzen river (where BTW redwood trees abound).


              There's good discussion of the rules here: Lightroom Complex Searches | photosurfer

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                johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                Please add your vote and opinion to these two topics in the official Adobe feedback forum:


                I can not search for a exact mach: Lightroom: is there really no way to search metadata for a term that has spaces in it?

                I can not search for synonyms: Lightroom: Find keyword by synonym

                That will make it a tiny bit more likely Adobe will eventually fix these issues before the next ice age.

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                  Vertix Level 1
                  Please add your vote and opinion to these two topics in the official Adobe feedback forum

                  With pleasure - already done.