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    import iTunes in lightroom 6?


      I recently created a simply slideshow for my sister in Lightroom6 and imported 3 songs that I previously purchased in iTunes.  The process worked fine.  I now have inadvertently deleted the slideshow and would like to recreate it.  I can not seem to get the process to work.  First of all, I play the slideshow, a selection of 94 slides, but the screen goes black and now slides appear.  Secondly, I tried to import the exact same music I had previously used and it will not work,  I click on the plus sign to add music, navigate to iTunes, slect the music (m4a and mp3 formats) and they are not added to the show.  Can someone help me?


      I will admit I have messed around with my catalog but I an=m fairly sure the slides are in a collection within my catalog located on an external HD.  I am a very new beginner, on the steep side of the learning curve.