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    I would like to purchase CC in Canadian dollars

    TheLandOfDustin Level 2

      After contacting Adobe, it is clear they do not answer questions - they will reiterate what you have told them and leave you answer-less.


      The fight continues.

      After a year of asking, complaining, tweeting, chatting, messaging and being angry, I decided the fight is still worth it.

      Time after time, Canadians get the bad end of the stick when it comes getting a fair deal. I will not let a corporation like Adobe see Canada as a country not worthy of getting a fair deal on their services. Especially when other countries have the option to purchase their services in their own currencies.

      There is no reason why Adobe hasn't made the change yet and more importantly no reason why they have failed to tell it's loyal Canadian customers why they do not offer our own currency. They have offices in Canada so why not offer their products at the local rate? If I am not an American, why do I pay for services and then pay taxes on it? Something isn't right.

      BryanCanning has been relentless along with me trying to make a change  trying to get someone with some sort of human factor at Adobe to listen to us and at least, answer us.
      Bryan has started a petition - you should sign it! https://www.change.org/p/shantanu-narayen-ann-lewnes-allow-canadian-adobe-customers-to-pa y-in-canadian-dollars


      If you are a Canadian, rely on Adobe's software but believe it is unfair to pay hundreds of dollars more for their services because they will not offer their services in Canadian dollars, voice your opinion. Speak up. Don't allow Adobe to treat one of the greatest nations in the world like this.


      Adobe has a 'customer service' system in place that doesn't answer actual questions - they rehash what you tell them and direct you to the forums or their useless help wizard. They do not offer support email - that in in of itself is outrageously aggravating.


      Not getting a response from Adobe is the most hurtful part - it's as though they truly do not care. They've made that perfectly clear in 2015. Honest PAYING customers who WANT to keep doing business with Adobe deserve a fair deal. Perhaps it will take a more public platform to make our voices heard. Adobe isn't listening. If Adobe cares (because @AdobeCares on twitter clearly doesn't) they will contribute to this conversation. Contribute with something more than an acknowledgement of they fact that they do not offer their services in CAD - we know that, Adobe! Give us solutions!

      Adobe, will you answer your Canadian customers?