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    Any way to remove the use of the Webhelp Pub path feature?

    chanseu32634421 Level 1

      The one RH11 pain above others that's probably been the biggest perpetual headache to deal with is the Publishing Path feature @ the end of  WebHelp SSLs. Working in a team-based environment (community access to the RH11 proj pool, Visual Studio 2013 & TFS local work space) means everyone can make steady project updates.


      No matter how many hundreds of times the message is sent out NOT to publish from within RoboHelp, it of course happens daily, and I'm wondering if there's a way to disable the Publishing Path option on a single project basis. (The nice individual ulcers each occurrence gives me are starting to get old fast)


      Anything at all that can be done to accomplish this, be it a way to remove the feature and / or render it unusable?