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    Searching in Flex

    xrum Level 2
      we have an internal Google search at work, which i would like to implement in my Flex app.

      it looks something like this:

      <form action=" http://mysite.com" method="GET" name="xx">
      <input type="text" name="q" size="32" maxlength="256" value="">
      <input value="Google Search" name="btnG" type="submit">
      <input value="default_collection" name="site" type="hidden">
      <input value="xml_no_dtd" name="output" type="hidden">
      <input value="default_frontend" name="client" type="hidden">
      <input value="date:D:L:d1" name="sort" type="hidden">
      <input value="default_frontend" name="proxystylesheet" type="hidden">
      <input value="UTF-8" name="oe" type="hidden">


      i dont understand how to pass these parameters in.
      what do i use? where do i start?
      please help!