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    cfinput required="yes" not working

    biene22 Level 1


      my coldfusion application runs in Intranet  and  Internet (https://www.xxx.com/inputform.cfm)



      When I open my CF-Page from Internet,  server side validation does not work.

      No popup comes to tell that the required form field isn't filled out.


      When I run the CF-Page as an internal Intanet application (http://servername/inputform.cfm)

      the validation works fine.


      Here is an example of an

      <cfinput name="catalog" type="text"   required="Yes" message="Catalog is required" >


      Is https protocol the reason?


      Best regard


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          Steve Sommers Level 4

          Fist guess, the CFIDE virtual directory is not configured for your external site. This directory contains a scripts folder that houses the JS files that the client-side CF validation requires. Next guess would be a JS error is being triggered, preventing the validation. Try running a client side debugging tool like Firebug in Firefox or the IE programmer tools. Either will point out the issue(s) of missing files or JS exceptions.


          Lastly, I recommend getting away from using CFFORM, CFINPUT, etc., for client-side validation. Use the native form and input tags and  Incorporate something like jquery validation. It's much more state-of-the-art and gives you much more control over the user experience.