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    I can't license images as I have in the past


      I currently pay per month for Creative Cloud for individuals - Photography plan + Adobe Stock. In the past, I've licensed several images with no problem. Now, when I go to the stock page, it says "subscribe" where it should give the available licenses (link next to "library" at top right). When I click on subscribe, it brings me to a page that has a box in the middle of the page saying...



      Photography + Adobe Stock

      Annual plan, paid monthly

      *Additional images at US$2.99

      *Rollover up to 120 images


      I get this page when I find an image I like and click "License & Save to My Library".

      I get this page when I click on the image and click "Buy license & save to my library"

      When I go to my library and click "buy image", it give me a pop up that says "Buy Adobe Stock Image. You have 0 licenses. Purchase on Adobe Stock?" When I click "OK", it brings me to that CURRENT PLAN page again.

      I know I have available licenses. I paid my monthly payment at the end of January. It's been a couple months since I've licensed. Maybe I've just forgotten how to do it. Anyone have any suggestions for me?