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    Has anyone tried two monitors (27" & 24") with different resolutions?

    Vincent-Sweden Level 1

      Dear All,

      I'm in the process of upgrading two new monitors. I currently use 2x22" with 1680x1050P. When i was googling on 25" monitor and resultion, I came upon a thread that talks about "high resulation may cause a minor issue on the GUI on adobe CC product", i.e. the font on the tools on. e.g Id suddenly got extremely small, barely readable. I know that the font on the tools are still good using a 24" with 1080P... but 25" with 1440...? Anything bigger or equal than 25" does not have 1080P... at least what they sell in my country, I could be wrong though.


      Anyway, I need some input if anyone is using, say a 27" (1440) togehter with a 24" (1080). Design/layout work on the big one and the tools on the smaller one. Is there downfall working this way, specifically with iD, Ai or Ps? What size and resolution should I stay away from. Is it a lot better to work with two equal monitos? etc... it's opened thread I guess.