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    Intuos 4 and InDesign CS6 Double Click problem

    jkinsman Level 1

      I have an Waecom Intuos 4 pen tablet that has a glitchy double click problem. Only in InDesign (CS6) though. I have had this problem pretty consistently with every upgrade of inDesign and have solved the issue by rolling back the Wacom driver and dumping my inDesign prefs, however, that did not work this time as I can't roll back due to support for Yosemite.


      I am on OS X Yosemite (10.10.2) with a double monitor setup on an early 2008 mac pro.


      It is so frustrating. I can't really work with my pen as when I single click on anything, it automatically simulates a double click. Selecting text is almost impossible and selecting an image frame is also impossible as it always selects the image inside the frame.


      It doesn't cause as many problems when I first start working in Indesign but the more I work in inDesign the worse it gets.


      Has anyone had these problems? Would really like to use my pen in InDesign again.