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    Error Publishing, Very very frustrated.

      Hi there

      This is my last port of call as I cannot figure this one out, I have spent hours trying to no positive result.
      I have used Contribute on other servers fine, however a client is using one out side of our network and I am having issues with publishing drafts.

      I have tried:
      alt publish method, passive ftp, non passive ftp, optimized on, optimized off and all combinations thereof.
      However everytime I click 'publish' contribute says 'waiting for server' and after 30 seconds or so the following error message pops up:

      'Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Please contact your administrator.'

      I have checked the server and a .LCK file is created and also there is an _mm directory.

      I have had zero problems using both dreamweaver and filezilla to FTP into this server and add/mod/delete both directories and files so i cannot see it being a permissions issue.

      I have also tested using the Adober Server checker tool which resulted in the log attached at the end of this message (login details taken of course).

      I really am lost for any ideas or anything else to try. This could spell the end of our company using contribute as a content management tool if not upto the job :(

      any help apreciated,,, alot!

      Nick M

      Date: 4/4/2008
      LocalTime: 13:17
      Host: *removed*
      Port: 21
      LoginID: *removed*
      FTP Path: /httpdocs/
      Passive Enabled: false
      ProxyHost: N\A
      Contribute Alternate Rename: no
      Contribute Optimized: no
      ======================== Test Results ==========================

      NOTE: Microsoft FTP Service has been detected.
      For more information on FTP server compatibility issues, please see:

      Login: SUCCESS!

      Changing Directory To : /httpdocs/

      Directory Listing Test: SUCCESS!

      Make Directory Test: SUCCESS!

      Change Directory Test: SUCCESS!

      Upload a File Test: SUCCESS!

      Fallback Test for Optimization: SUCCESS!

      Server State Test: Unkown error was thrown
      .Please send this code to Macromedia: 5

      -------------------------------- FTP log from the last operation -------------------------------
      > CWD /httpdocs/mm_diagnose
      < 250 CWD command successful.
      > PORT 192,168,16,30,16,152
      < 200 PORT command successful.
      > TYPE A
      < 200 Type set to A.
      > LIST
      < 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
      < 04-04-08 01:34PM 27 upload_test1_reg_.mm
      < 226 Transfer complete.
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------

      Cleaning Test File: SUCCESS!

      Cleaning Test Directory: SUCCESS!