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    This morning's Creative Cloud Update just REMOVED FILES from my computer, how do I contact Adobe??

    BrianwFromBackblaze Level 1

      I work at Backblaze.


      We are getting a TON of customers reporting that when Adobe Creative Cloud updates

      on the Macintosh (which it did this morning 2/11/2016) then it removes the

      contents of folder /.bzvol/ which belongs to Backblaze (this folder does

      not belong to Adobe Creative Cloud!!)   Removing this folder disables

      Backblaze.  Here is an FAQ on it:


      .bzvol is missing : Help Desk


      Does anybody know how to contact Adobe to ask them to PLEASE STOP
      ROLLING THAT UPDATE OUT.  Or possibly stop removing our software's



      If you use Backblaze, you should stop installing Adobe Creative Cloud updates

      until they start behaving better.  They might be removing OTHER RANDOM FILES

      from the file system?

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