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    How To Choose Aperture Library to Import?

    danieljcox Level 1

      More challenges getting my Aperture Library in to Lightroom. When I select the Plugin Extras and choose Import Aperture Library, Lightroom automatically goes in to some sort of Checking Aperture Library mode. It's not giving me a chance to PICK the Aperture Library I want to Import. I wanted to start with a very small library for a test but it apparently is going right to my monster 1TB Aperture Library. I'm guessing that's the case since it it's checking the Aperture Library that's on the drive the big library is on. There does seem to be an option to tell the program where to go but the auto option kicks in and I can't get to the SELECT option. Screen shot attached. Good grief I wished this was easier. Any one know of a way to stop the auto Checking Aperture Library tool from starting?

      Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 6.17.57 PM.jpeg