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    Ram preview is perfect/ Export all messed up!!!! HELP!!


      So I basically a AE novice however I have done many exports with what I little I know and never have had this problem. I've done a small project for my kid ( lightsaber, blaster bolts etc) about 5 comps total in the project. Ram preview is perfect, everything is lined up. I used my cell phone camera and have done similar short video with masks and never had this problem. ( source video fps is 30.070 and every comp is the same). As I said Ram preview is perfect but when I go do export all of the effects are off center from where they should be. I check the render settings and made sure it was the same fps as the comp...same problem. I tried different fps just to check( 30, 29.97,24) same deal/ Tried h.264, mpeg-4.same thing. have tried both render queue and Adobe Media encoder. same problem.

        Please help.