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    Stroke borders will not "pan and zoom"


      I am creating a slide show and have a 3pt stroke border around each image. When I turn "pan & zoom" on, it works well on the images but the borders do not pan & zoom (borders stay stationary while image moves with respect to borders!). Is there a fix? Lightroom v6.4, Windows 7.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I have found the "Stroke Border" puts the stroke around the image cell, that remains visible always on the four sides.

          If your images have a stroke (embedded in the image) then the pan and zoom will randomly only show one edge of the image which looks very weird. The zoom function moves edges of the image outside the cell.


          Images with a stroke border (embedded) do work well without pan & zoom and without the LR stroke! (except when you choose a full screen template)