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    how to set initial state of hide/show buttons on opening in PDFs?

    Nedlaw Level 1

      InDesign provides a wonderful multi-state object capability that unfortunately does not work in PDFs. It took a bit of research for me to come up with that information, as the program UI itself gives every indication that this should work. (Why not may be a different forum discussion.)


      Thus I'm creating an interactive PDF by using buttons to hide/show specific paragraphs (that are also implemented as buttons because only buttons and forms can be hidden/shown, AFAIK).


      I've implemented a PDF created via InDesign using six operating buttons and seven paragraphs -- one of those paragraphs is the initial state that I want seen when the document is opened. As long as the PDF that I create is distributed, that's how it works: An initial paragraph appears, buttons can be clicked, and the right stuff shows up on cue.


      However, a colleague thoughtfully re-saved the PDF (so he could rename it something more to his liking). When he did this, he left one of the subsidiary paragraphs displayed, rather than the initial paragraph that I intended... and of course that was the version that went out to the client.


      Question: Is there a way to set the initial state of hide/show buttons when a PDF is first opened, regardless of the state in which it may have been left or saved? I'm imagining that this is some kind of ON OPEN event that would let me set an initial state as a backstop to the way I save the original document. Obviously, the PDF AS I DELIVER IT will open the way I want it, but I'm trying to overcome the Murphy's Law aspect of a document that can be re-saved in a different state. An ON OPEN event would cure that.