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    Puppet does not appear in Character animator


      The scene is blank (black), other puppets appear though, it happened while I was editing key assignment in Photoshop layers and assigned same key to two different functions(eye blink&head turn). Correction/Reloading/restarting both programs doesn't work. I can still see the character in the "puppet" window and all it's proprieties, but nothing in the scene.

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          DanielWilk Adobe Employee

          Without seeing your project it's mostly a guess, but it sounds like maybe one of your top level puppets may have an unexpected key trigger assigned? Open the puppet in the Puppet Panel and look on the right side of each layer to see what keys are assigned at each level. (It will appear as a letter or number surrounded in a rectangle, like this)


          You may need to twirl stuff open to see all the layers. Remove any unexpected key triggers by clicking in the Trigger Key text field and deleting it.