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    "Resizing" a picture in AE - effect?


      Hello everyone, thank you so much for taking the time to read this question.

      Now, I'm looking to do a very specific effect in AE CC. It's kind of hard to explain, so let me give you an example of something similar:


      At the start of the linked video, there's an intro - I'm looking to recreate an effect from that. It's around the 0:09-0:10-mark. It's the part where the logo sort of "scales down", and dissapears. (I know for a fact that this was done in AP.


      LINK: Minecraft: CRAINER IS MISSING!? | Boskie's Adventure | #012 - YouTube


      I'm really sorry if my explanation doesn't suffice, but I really hope you know what I mean.


      I have a picture of my own, that I want to do the same with; could any of you please explain how I'd go about doing that? I'm new to AE, but I know a fair few things about general keyframing.


      Really, I'm just wondering what I'd need to select? Are we talking a specific effect, using the scaling tool, or? What would you guys suggest?


      Thank you so much in advance!


      Kind regards,



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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          It's basically setting key-frames on the scale and opacity properties from whatever they are down to zero.  If the logo is multiple layers then you can either create a null, parent all the layers to the null and then key the scale & opacity of the null, or pre-compose

          the layers and key the scale & opacity of the pre-comp.  There is also alot of animation principles in play there, like secondary motion, anticipation and overlap, but basically it's keying the scale and opacity.

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            Madrah Level 1

            I see! That was kinda obvious. Thanks a bunch.

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              Madrah Level 1

              Well, I tried, unsuccessfully. I already have a few keyframes in place, since the picture needs to jump in, first. I simply tried going to a later place in the timeline to scale it, but for some reason, it deleted the previous keyframes? (the ones for the postion).


              I've also tried splitting the clip, in the hopes of making the second part of it independent from the other one - any ideas?

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                Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

                That's sounds odd.   The only ideas I have would be to try and isolate this behavior.  Is AE consistently deleting previous keyframes?  Has it done this in the past?  Is this your first time using AE?  Have you studied the basics?  From what you've said I can only assume that either your version of AE has a critical bug, or you just don't really know what you're doing.   If the latter is true then I would go to Adobes getting started with AE tutorials and follow them from the very beginning.  When you get to the tutorials about setting keyframes if this behavior continues then I would submit a bug report with Adobe and try installing an earlier (or later) version of AE that hopefully doesn't have this critical bug.  If you are not new to AE and this deleting of keyframes  has only just started to happen then skip the tutorials and file the report and switch to a different version.  However the fact that you are even asking me if I have any ideas about what to do about disappearing key frames leads me to believe this may be your first time trying to set a key frame.

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                  Madrah Level 1

                  Yes, it definetly is really odd. I've never expirienced anything like this, and I've seen a lot in my time of using Sony Vegas. I also worked with keyframes in this program, so I know my way around the basics.


                  The first two keyframes tied to the positioning with motion blur simply disappear, when I finalize the placement and tweaking of the scaling key-frames. It makes zero sense to me whatsoever. Well, I guess I'll try contacting Adobe.


                  To be honest, I have "no idea what I'm doing" in terms of Adobe AE, but I'm trying to learn. There's only so much directly "transferrable" in terms of technique and so on, from Sony Vegas.  

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                    Madrah Level 1

                    Hello again, I just wanted to let you know, that I got it working. I tried re-installing the programme, and the second time, it worked like a charm. I just hope the problem doesn't re-occour. Well, thanks a lot, especially for that first reply.

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                      Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional


                      I seem to remember this "vanishing key frames" being a bug in an earlier version of 2015.   I personally still have not made the jump to 2015, I'm still using 2014 but if ti happens again you should definitely file an official bug report so they can try and squash the little critter.