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    Videos in interactive pdfs

    Chris Vogel25 Level 1

      I'm having some problems with a video in an interactive pdf.


      Immediately after placing the mp4 video, I fit the frame to content, as per the instructions in Real World InDesign CS5. But when I play it back,  I see a thin black rule on top and bottom of the video. I've put in several other videos to see if I have the same problem, and they all show the black lines.


      Even  if I change  the size of the frame in InDesign to cover where black lines were in the pdf, the lines still show up when I play it back. I also see the black lines if use a current frame as the poster. However, the lines don't show up if I play the video within the InDesign preview.


      Is there any way to get rid of these lines?


      also, the controller does not disappear when I move my mouse away from the video, even though I was sure it was doing this a couple of days ago when I was trying an earlier version of the pdf.


      I'm using InDesign 7.0.4, Mac OSX 10.6.8


      Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks