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    FlashHelp Pro

      Hi Everyone,
      I am developing in Version 6 and my current output is FlashHelp.

      I think I understand why anyone would want to output FlashHelp Pro, but I want to be sure.

      We have purchased and installed RoboServer. So...if we want to be able to obtain nice reports, then we must publish in Pro, Yes?

      Are the reports diffficult? Does IT need to go on a learning curve to be able to configure and deliver those reports? Or is it all pretty simple and automatic?

      Do I need a certain kind of web server to be able to do all this reporting? IIS? Apache? Either?

      Most web servers already offer some type of reporting for web site monitoring...Are the RoboServer reports that much better? Is this worth the effort?

      My FlashHelp project is already published on a web server. If I republish as FlashHelp Pro, can I preserve the same URL?

      Thanks very much. I realize this is a lot to ask. I always appreciate the great responses I get from this forum. You are great!

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          johndaigle Level 4
          Hi, Joe and welcome.
          You are correct that if you are publishing to RoboHelp Server 6, WebHelp Pro or FlashHelp Pro would be the right choice of Single Source Layout.

          As you say, all web servers produce log stats to some degree. These RoboHelp Server reports can be generated by the author and there is virtually no learning curve. It's single click to generate a report in real time once the server connection is established. The reports can be viewed from your RoboHelp authoring client or from any web browser if you have the proper permission.

          You can see screenshots of the reports and more information about the Server option by reading this article I prepared for the Adobe Developer Connection.

          Adobe RoboHelp Server 6 improves the feedback loop

          As you can see there are things other than reports that Server 6 provides. Perhaps this article will help you evaluate whether Server is the right choice for your situation.

          BTW, on some of your other questions: Yes you would need IIS for RoboHelp Server. Yes, with the cooperation of your IT person, you could certainly use the same URL.