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    Dumbfounded ... keep image on secondary monitor not possible?

    TimmyCrackCorn Level 1

      I'm either dumb (not ruling it out), or dumbfounded ... I use two monitors (well actually three.)  I use Lightroom on my main screen, and then my secondary monitor (actually my third monitor in my case) to display the preview image (Loupe).  However, sometimes I want to (or need to) display that image on my secondary monitor, but switch to another app.  However, if you switch to another app (or minimize of course), Lightroom removes the image. 


      Is there any way to lock that image to that secondary screen?  Obviously a workaround would be to move LR to my third monitor, then just use the Loupe view in the main LR window.  Far from ideal.  Another option would be to just use another program, like XNVIEW, which doesn't have this (seemingly) ridiculous lack of functionality.  But, again, not ideal ... I'd like to just stay in LightRoom. 


      Am I missing a setting/feature, or is it really that lame?