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    Exporting Video in After Effects


      I am trying to export a video in After Effects and when the video exports, there is only audio, no video or the video and sound are not synced.


      I have tried exporting within the Render Queue in After Effects and in Adobe Media Encoder. When I tried exporting as a .MOV, the file exported with no video, just audio. When I tried exporting to .AVI the video showed up but it was not synced with the audio. What can I do / how should I export the file in order to fix this error.


      To give a little background on the file: it is a clip from a video that I have cut and stabilized in Premiere Pro and exported as an .mp4 file. I then used the rotoscope tool to mask the background of the video in AfterEffects. Now I am trying to export the video to a file that can be played on a projector for an exhibit, but the exporting is not working correctly.