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    Stock Licensing & terms FAQ: Where can I find the terms and licensing information for Adobe Stock?

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      FAQ: Where can I find the terms and licensing information for Adobe Stock?


      Adobe Stock asset can be used in print, presentations, broadcasts, websites, and on social media sites. However, you may not share or distribute the asset in any way that would let others use the asset without licensing it themselves.

      Please see License information and Terms of use | Adobe Stock and  Terms & Conditions.


      You can also find the terms of use specific to every file in the "Learn more" option just below it as encircled in the screenshot below:


      Few specific terms:


      • Adobe Stock does not allow downloading videos and then publish or use them on social sites. A wiser/safer approach will be to use some clippings or background of the video footage incorporate needs and then publish on social sites. Additionally, credits are needed to be added if posting this footage on social sites.
      • Under no condition, the videos can be uploaded to YouTube, that includes publishing videos as unlisted- since the video is stored in the YouTube database which can be accessed.
      • The ownership of the image is non-transferable, hence one cannot use the image to create or publish anything in their own brand. Even if selling the images in form of t-shirts or any other customizable items with the brand name of the shop is not permissible as it removes the rights of Adobe Stock and hence a conflict.


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