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    Error #2038 - IO error on local file open


        my wife has a Mills & Boons Account


      her pc is Vista Ver 6.0.6002


      Digital Editions v


      IE 9.0.8112.16421

      Firefox 3.5.19


      DE stopped working after my daughter loaded SIMS.


      She tried re-installing DE


      Problem : No response when using any method of trying to open a book in the DE library (Open; drag & drop; double click

      After spending a lot of today on the forum I now have achieved the following :


      In DE

      DE --> Library/Add Item to library/(no option to select acsm file - so *.8 - select file) -

      ----------->>> the entry line in th elibrary view 'flashes' book details ----> goes blank ---> error message pops up :



      IO Error on local file open





      Event Details:

      Error #2038


      Drag & drop or double clicking the acsm files just switch window to DE; NO error messages


      1) Followed delete all items in the restore folder procedure elsewhere on the forum

      2) IE pointed at and opened http://ebook.lighteningsource.com - no problems

      3) Firewall OFF (had tried using DE as an exception - no change)

      4) Nothing obvious in WIndows event logs (please tell me Adobe do use event log notification AND register their programs properly)

      5) On my ROUTER (Virgin Media/Netgear) I see NO attempt by my wife's PC to access the internet when trying to open a book

      6) There is an URRLLink.epub file in the d/loadas well  - that won't load either - same error

      7) there are but TWO books in the restore\books folder - yet she has many (100s) of Mills & Boons downloaded.

      8) If I try and open those - I get the same results

      9) There are NO books at all visible in DE


      PC organised :-


      Downloads from Firefox go to D:\Downloads\MonthYear\files.acsm

      DE Library is located on D:\My Digital Editions

      DE is installed on D:\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions (as it was before it failed)


      Please let me know how to recover my wifes paid for books