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    Is there a way to place or import PDFs into InDesign so that items added to the PDF as comments are visible?


      I work for a printing plant that works in a fast-paced turn around. We print almost entirely paper or carbonless forms. Our customers E-mail us their art files and orders, mostly as PDFs. Lately a new problem has been popping up with increasing frequency: instead of making changes to a form in its native program and then resaving it as a new PDF they are trying to make changes to the form in Acrobat but doing it by adding the changes as some sort of layer, like comments, that are only visible in Acrobat. We set up all of our print jobs on InDesign templates so we are placing PDFs onto blank InDesign documents then stepping and repeating them as necessary depending on the final size of the form and the quantity being ordered. But when we encounter one of these PDFs with the changes being made incorrectly in Acrobat the changes are not there when we place it in InDesign. Is there some way of importing or placing these PDFs so the changes are visible or otherwise remain? Obviously it is frustrating for both us and our customers when 5,000 forms are delivered to their customer without their logo or whatever changes they made to the form, and we have to do free reprints.