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    Adobe Stock - standard licenced images to extended licence...




      I downloaded standard licenced images under the original monthly subscription when Stock first launched and have used 56 of the images in a design for a pack of coaching cards. These were intended purely for my own use in my business and for a single print run (ie one pack of 56 cards) My colleagues have now seen the design and several have said they would like to buy a pack from me but I am conscious this changes the use and may require extended licensing if I were to go ahead and create and sell multiple packs. I looked up one of the images and found a price of $39.99, so the full pack would cost well over $2k, far in excess of the sale price of just a handful of packs. I would be grateful for advice on my options here, for example, could I buy some kind of multiple licence for the set and how much would that cost? I'm in the UK so a £ price would be preferable.