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    Trouble with FLVPlayback.complete

      I need help bad, so I've cross-posted this on a couple of forums.

      I'm trying to build a simple video player using ActionScript 2.0, since I have no experience with AS3.

      The user has the option to choose to view one of seven video clips from a menu or play them successively from the beginning.

      I'm trying to achieve the following:

      On FLVPlayback.complete, the playhead will gotoAndStop() on a particular frame where a frame Action would load the next FLV file.

      After the second video completes, I get unpredictable results; the third video plays, but the timeline doesn't move to the correct frame or the wrong video will play.

      This is the video code:

      import mx.video.*;

      loadFLV_videoClip("video_01.flv", "c01");

      function loadFLV_videoClip(FLVClip:String, nextChapter:String):Void {

      var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
      listenerObject.stageRoot = this._root;
      listenerObject.complete = function(eventObject:Object):Void {


      videoClip.skin = "SteelExt_Cornered_PlaySeekMute.swf";
      videoClip.bufferTime = 20;


      This is driving me nuts, I'd pull my hair out if I had any!!
      Any help would be appreciated.