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    Bitmaps and Symbols Appearing Red?

      Hey guys I am pretty new to flash and cannot figure this out. I am using Flash to create a website and I am having issues. When I am editing everything looks normal, but when I test the movie a few of my graphics are displayed as just solid red. I have no idea what is going on, even my teacher at school is dumbfounded. I have used all sorts of different file formats for my imported bitmaps, jpg, png, gif... but none have worked. Also this is a problem that seems to only be happening on intel Macs. Works fine on a PPC mac and on windows... Any suggestions? Here is a photo of the problem...

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I don't have an answer, but may have a clue to lead to one. That red is a familiar sight. If you create a movieclip containing a jpeg or other raw graphic from the library, and then delete the raw graphic from the library, you end up with a red movieclip that's the same size as the graphic.

          That fact that it apparently works in other machines may mean that whatever the intel Macs are doing, they aren't supporting inclusion of the image file in the movie.

          If those red areas are supposed to be images, then try replacing them temporarily with some Flash drawn graphic and see if they display properly. If they do, then you may have to get some info regarding what the intel Macs are doing (or the browsers/players therein).
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            kengelhard Level 1
            thank you...

            the only difference that I know of is that intel macs do not support the shockwave pluggin where as PPC and windows do. could this be an issue you think?