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    Cpu & Gpu questions


      Hello Everyone,

              My favorite hobby is underwater photography and I am planning a pc build that will be aimed directly for using photoshop, Lightroom & occasional Premiere Pro. Very rarely gaming.

              I have been doing my best in research to find the ideal components that will suit my needs best. I spend probably 5-10 hours a week reading reviews and posts on forums, YouTube videos & have a subscription to PC builder magazine.

            I am budgeting $3-4K for the pc alone; not including the monitor, keyboard or mouse. My main problem is deciding on which cpu & which gpu. Here are the components I'm considering....



      I7 6700K




      I7 5930K



      GTX 980 TI




      QUADRO M4000


      I am unsure of which would give me the best results...I have been reading that adobe supposedly got rid of the necessity for Cuda and is now focusing on open glad & open click which both cards support.


      I have been reading that the new skylane technology beats out the previous generation 5930k even though it has more cores.


      I am also unsure of the visual perceptabilty of 8 bit vs 10 bit display output. If 10 bit is vastly better then I am willing to invest in an adobe rgb 10 bit monitor. But at the same time I don't want to waste money for something I don't absolutely need either. But I am very curious about the new Quadro M4000 that has mercury engine & maxwell support. Does anyone have experience with both cards???


      If anyone can contribute any recommendations based on experience it would be greatly appreciated!!!!