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    Acrobat XI: "Create separate layers..." Preflight step of Custom Action isn't running.




      I have what was a relatively simple Custom Action in Acrobat X that I'm trying to recreate in XI. The task took a PDF and applied the preflight fixup named "Create separate layers for vector objects, text and images", then ran some javascript to hide the vector image layer and then some other stuff. Everything except the Preflight works fine. There's no errors or popups but it's not separating out the layers. Suggestions?





      PS:I have been unable to find any documentation or google results that would let me pursue a few "theories" I've had:

      a) Acrobat X processed the target pdf without opening it within the viewer and manually running Preflight prompts you to save the pdf. This leads me to believe that since Acrobat XI insists on importing and opening the file that instead of running the preflight and overwriting the existing file, like it did in X, that XI is failing because if some bizarre file lock. Is there any way to tell XI to load the file the same way X did, or Not load as the case maybe.


      b) I was able to export the Custom Action from X and import it into XI. It runs greats, but I can't edit it. Which means at some level XI can do was I was doing in X. How can I call that directly? I can query information about Preflight profiles in Javascript but I'm not seeing anything which would allow me to actually run them.


      c) Is there some other way to identify and remove\hide vector images?

      d) Can an Action call another Action?