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      Can anyone from the AIR Development team tell us what is and is not possible in regards to printing from AIR Apps., what is available now, and what might be coming in an update. This seems to be an undocumented great "unknown" right now. Thanks for your help.
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          Was this topic ever responded to? I've been searching for three days for some solution to being able to print PDFs through AIR/Flex. The PDFs are generated elsewhere, simply listed in a datagrid and previewed through HTML container, but I need to print them as documents, not as containers, screenshots, or renderings.

          Can this be done using LiveCycle? BlazeDS? Some other method?

          I would appreciate any response.
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            You can interact air-html-pdf sending a message to acrobat to print the document.
            Air must call a javascript in html that send a postmessage to acrobat that invoke a embedded javascript to print the document. The pdf must contain the script to allow communicate to/from the html container and the code to print it.
            Search in the docs of flex the example to interact air with pdf.
            Exists a bug (the adobe team never admit or resolved...) in the OSX version of AIR that cause a security warning on every post message...
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              Hi Sbaldizz,

              Thank you for the quick response.

              This will not work. These PDFs are coming from numerous sources and will not be embedded with AIR-specific javascript. Is this really the best solution? Printing documents is basic. This is a very small application on one computer, receiving PDFs from other sources. It logs them and should print them, nothing more.

              Does Adobe provide some other technology that will aid this process? I don't even need to open the PDF, just point to it and print it.

              There must be a better way.
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                sorry but I don't known...
                You can create a pdf with the embedded code that interact with air. the pdf open the request document, print it, and then close.
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                  Thank you again.

                  Looks like a dead end. I may actually have to turn to Visual Studio for this project.

                  All the best,
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                    Printing from Flex/Flash/Air is a bit of an Achilles heel. You can find on the flexcoders/flashcoders forums plenty of discussion about printing.