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    weird loader issue

    brian914 Level 1
      I am having an issue with my preloader that I can't figure out why it is occurring. I am using the following for my preloader.

      function onLoadStart(mc:MovieClip) {
      this.attachMovie("laodProgress", "laodProgress", this.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:container._x + 185, _y:container._y + 47});
      function onLoadProgress(mc:MovieClip, bytesLoaded:Number, bytesTotal:Number) {
      laodProgress.laodPercentage.text = Math.floor(bytesLoaded / bytesTotal * 100) + "%";
      function onLoadInit(mc:MovieClip) {

      This works great, except when I open my contact section and then open any other section, it seems like the removeMovieClip does not work anymore. So every time I open any other section, it duplicates the laodProgress.laodPercentage MC and leaves it on the stage when done. The weird thing is that all sections, including the contact section use the same function to load MCs. That function looks like this.

      function loadNewSection(whichMovie:String):Void {
      container._alpha = 100;
      mcLoader.loadClip("flash/" + whichMovie + ".swf", container);

      Any ideas why this could be happening?

      The files are here:

      Thanks a lot for any help!