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    Blowing Up Our Server With Duplicate Files - What's the Best Practice for Managing This


      In the past year, my company has blown through the entire storage capacity of a brand new server.  I've been tasked with finding out why and what we can do to about it.


      One of the things I've noticed is that anything created in InDesign involves duplicating images, font files, etc. as Links.  Good for making sure your actual document isn't huge in size, but bad because we end up with SO MANY duplicate files all over the place in folders like OLD, CURRENT, NEWER, FINAL, etc.  And if multiple people are working on EDITS, we end up with a full copy of links for person A and person B and person C.  I've attached an example of just one presentation that got put together where multiple people worked on the file and created their own folder for links and document fonts.     


      I think the program is functioning properly but we've definitely got a workflow issue (I'm not on the design team and do not use these programs myself, so I can't really be sure how its "supposed" to work).  I've tried to research the subject but can't really find anything definitive on how to keep this under control. 


      Can ANYONE please point me in the direction of a best practices white paper or blog or something that can explain how we can have version control without having a million copies of the same files?? 




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