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    screen res of director movies

      As a new person to making director cd/dvds. What are the professionals doing for resolutions/stage sizes for director movies that play full screen?
      800 x 600 seems better for memory and yets seems to small these days. What are most "professonals" doing now days? If i do 3d it would be in a a window on the stage so i am not over worried about that....at least for sake of this discussion. I will have movies and quicktime vr in it to...and it will run off of harddrive or DVD/CD. Not for web.
      please give your opinions as many of you as possible. :)
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          It depends on your target audience. If you're building for a kiosk you
          have full control over the screen and therefore its resolution. If it's
          for consumers you can perhaps specify a minimum supported resolution and
          work to that. If it's for schools you might find yourself more
          restricted. If it's for a client, to a degree it's up to them to come up
          with a number for /their/ audience