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    Haswell-E (i7-5820K) vs Skylake (i7-6700K) for 4K video editing




      I'm building a new computer for basic 4K video editing, and am stuck on whether to go with a 5820K or a 6700K. I prefer the latter if the performance difference won't be too great, due to the lower power / cooler running of Skylake, plus the Z170's newer tech (not a huge difference, but things like native USB 3.1 and M.2 support feel good). However, the current supply shortage has made me antsy, and I've begun to wonder whether I should go with Haswell-E or not.


      The main things I'd like to improve over my current system (i7-920, 12GB RAM -- 6+ years old) are:

      1. Warp Stabilizer speed (super slow on my current machine, and sometimes I have nothing else to do so just have to wait);

      2. Rendering (either in AE, or AME);

      3. Faster preview framerates without creating proxies (now they're about 1 or 2fps).


      I would probably moderately OC both: the 5820K to around 4 GHz, and the 6700K to around 4.5GHz. The system will have 32GB RAM. For GPU, I was thinking of using the built-in one with the 6700K (waiting for a possible Pascal purchase next year, just because ), and a GTX 950 or 960 with the 5820K.


      Can anyone tell me if there would be a significant performance boost with the 5820K over the 6700K for my 3 areas of interest?