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    Using text input by user in context

    mynameissam.co.uk Level 1
      Please help! This is an urgent project so clear instructions would be very helpful!

      1) In the first frame of the movie there is a movieclip which contains an input field and a submit button. The movie clip has the instance name "enterName_mc" and the input field "inputName". When the user clicks the submut button or presses enter, the name entered into "inputName" needs to be captured as a string or whatever.

      2) After the second frame "enterName_mc" disappears on the root timeline and then a new mc called "errorBox" appears on the 20th frame.

      3) in "errorBox" there will be a dynamic text field that needs to display the following text "Welcome <name captured from inputName> to our website"

      Basically I need to know how to capture the name, export it to the _root timeline, load it into errorBox and then insert it into a dynamic string of text!

      If this can't be done, and it needs to all be inside the same movieclip the same questions apply.