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    SERIOUSLY CHEESED OFF with latest update 2015.15


      updated last night, opened up my catalogue to continue working today.. went to make and adjustment...... WHAT! - Absolutely disgusting performance, the live adjustment is beyond a joke.. the image jumps to being super contrasty until i release the slider, exposure jumping all over the place.


      id rather my sliders lag a touch and be able to make an educated decision rather than this low rendering crap where i have to release the slider to understand where im at. This is a serious time waster and certainly not the way to go to improve performance. What about when you go into from mode and attempt to rotate the image?? there is some crazy moire effect as the image practically de-res's to something comparable to a gif!!


      Please somebody.. I there any way i can reinstall the previous release? i have a wedding to edit and am seriously dreading however many hours.